Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C.P. Stacey Award Past Winners

It has just been announced that a new release by Kevin Spooner called Canada, The Congo Crisis and U.N. Peacekeeping is the recipient of the 2009 C.P. Stacey Award.  The award is granted by the Canadian Committee for the History of the Second World War and the Canadian Commission for Military History and was adjudicated by Serge Bernier, Paul Dickson, Doug Delaney and Norman Hillmer.

For those interested in what works have won the award in the past, (required reading for any Canadian Military historian), here is a partial list:
2009 Kevin Spooner, Canada, The Congo Crisis and U.N. Peacekeeping
2008 Paul Douglas Dickson, A Thoroughly Canadian General: A Biography of General H.D.G. Crerar (University of Toronto Press)
2008 Stephen Brumwell, Paths of Glory: The Life and Death of General James Wolfe (McGill-Queen's Press)
2006 Douglas Delaney Bert Hoffmeister: The Soldier's General
         Honourable Mentions
         Jeffrey A. Keshen, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers Canada’s Second World War
         David Mackenzie (Editor), Canada and the First World War: Essays in Honour of Robert Craig Brown, published by University of Toronto Press.
2004 Marc Milner, Battle of the Atlantic (Vanwell Publishing Ltd) 
        Béatrice Richard, La mémoire de Dieppe. Radioscopie d'un mythe (VLB éditeur)
2002 Brian Tennyson and Roger Sarty, Guardian of the Gulf: Sydney, Cape Breton and the Atlantic Wars (University of Toronto Press)
2000 Tim Cook, No Place to Run: The Canadian Corps and Gas Warfare in the First World War (UBC Press)
1998 Jonathan Vance, Death so Noble
1996 George Blackburn, Gun's of Victory
1994 Desmond Morton, When Your Number's Up
1992 Bill McAndrew, Terry Copp, Battle Exhaustion
1990 Robert Vogel, Terry Copp Maple Leaf Route
1988 Norman Hillmer, W.A.B. Douglas The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Volume II: The Creation of a National Air Force (Toronto: University of Toronto Press)

The official Call for Papers notes:

C.P. Stacey. Photo DND
              The C.P. StaceyPrize is an award in honour of author and long-serving Official Historian at the Department of National Defence, Charles P. Stacey. He was one of Canada's foremost military historians and as an Official Historian established a level of excellence for official histories that continues to influence practitioners and their approach to Canada's military past. He trained several generations of military historians, and his influence is still felt in the field of military history. His work on the official histories of the Canadian army during the Second World War is considered a model for similar histories. This award honours his commitment to furthering the field of military history. The aim of the award is to highlight the best book written in a one-year period on the Canadian military experience. The award considers studies of all three services, including operational histories, biographies, unit histories and works of synthesis (if they include original insights and/or new material). It can also include high quality edited collections and annotated memoirs.

With help from Drs. Delaney and Dickson

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