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Diaper Drill: Infant Training Vol. 1 1939

Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-008102 .  
The Second World War Canadian Armoured Corps journal The Tank, provides an interesting look into the professional and social life of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle School in Borden, Ontario.  An editorial of September 1942 provides the standard drill for the changing of diapers, which given reports in the journal, were skills necessary for a number of Canadians in England.

"S/Sgts Hughes, Stacy and Borman have been appointed instructors in Diaper Drill.  The following are "extracts" from "Infant Training Vol. 1 1939."  On the command "Change Diapers" the following procedure will be adopted.

     One. Place the infant upwards, head pointing to the left, on lap.

     Two.  With a smart movement of the right forefinger and thumb, detach safety pin (feel for it) and place same between the lips, point to the front.

     Three. Supporting infant with the left had, open the flaps of diaper with the right, giving the infant a smart cant upwards with the left hand, jerk diaper away with right, and place it on ground two inches from rear of right hind leg of char (with chairs, folding MK 2, put level with crossbar).

     Five.  Carefully clean and oil infant with rags, white, pattern C2.  Sprinkle all parts with dusting powder and examine thoroughly for wear.

     Six Cant infant smartly upward with the left hand, at the same time taking clean diaper from its position on right shoulder.  Spread diaper on lap.

     Seven.  Assemble diaper as taught in Elementary Diaper Drill and secure with safety pin.  Tension on pin should not exceed 2 lbs.

     Note. App. VIII.  This sequence will not apply to the new diaper, zipper type, pattern 39, which will be on issue through the usual channels."

It appears that there is still contemporary use for strict guidelines on infant operation.  Here poor old Stephen Harper receives a jab at his powers of the people :

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